Well, everyone in our periphery is now aware of Sprout. Rob and I got into a bit of an argument on Sunday, not even really an argument, just a joined frustration, really.

He is frustrated that his extended family is so unsupportive and really a tad condecending and non-congratulatory (sans for his grandparents. His grandma was tickled pick after he reassured her that this baby has been planned.) I am frustrated that the same is really sort of true in my extended family-but for differing reasons. The same happened when we found out we were pregnant with Zoe. No words of congratulations upon telling people about the impending birth-and certainly no words of blessing after the baby was born, merely “you sure got lucky.” Do people not know the curses they put out into the world? Or how about this one, “We let out a collective sigh of relief down here…” thanks. glad you were holding your breath waiting for something traumatic to happen to me, my baby or both of us. that’s truly supportive. Hell, we didn’t even get a baby shower (not that I was expecting or requiring it-but it would have been nice to know that people care enough to wonder if you have all you need for your baby.)

So anyhow, I was hormonal and crying and upset when we left visiting his parents after he told them. We got not one word of congratulations, just a little more of the same. He was getting upset because he feels bad that he is a feeling and loving person but his family doesn’t seem to be, especially where he and I are concerned.

What I want to know is this: why is our having a child so unimportant to the people it should be important to.? It only becomes important when they feel we aren’t doing what we should be doing (ie. feeding our kids meat, vaccinating, birthing in a hospital, feeding our kids dairy, sending them to public school, etc.) usually those notions are made based on mis information or flat out lies on the part of said family members. It is truly frustrating and disheartening.

Here is where the boundary is: We are going to do our thing, regardless of what you say to us, and not to spite you, but to raise the healthiest and happiest family that we are able to. We do what we do based on an overabundance of research, education and experience combined. Our choices for our family are not up for discussion among our family members. it is not something that is up for debate and we will not give you the leverage. We do not expect you to like what we are doing, but be respectful of the fact that these are our choices. OURS. We make all of our decisions together based on what is ideal for our family, not what you think.

There. I am done with my rant. Perhaps this will land on the lenses of those who need to read it. Most of the time they are too self involved to listen when we speak, so this is the only other option.