From experiences of not only my own, but of those I know and those I have read and heard about, I have ZERO doubt about the impact that nutrition plays in our overall health and wellness. Combined with good dental care, chiropractic care, herbal and holistic medicine and vitamin therapy, I strongly believe white coats won’t be needed. Along with that, I believe in vegetarianism.

I do my best to adhere to the Brewer Diet though I am not really a meat eater. I do not like red meat and actually have a tough time getting it down if eating it to be polite when served someplace other than my home. I get my proteins elsewhere and sufficiently. In the past ten years, I have, for the most part, (about 7 years of the past 10) maintained a very healthy, well balanced lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I birthed two babies as a vegetarian (I ate chicken, however, when pregnant with Zoe and I think I had two hamburgers, but I craved them for some strange reason,) and both of them remain very healthy vegetarian children with the exception of fish on occasion.

The Brewer’s Diet is an excellent diet for getting everything one needs when pregnant to keep oneself healthy and grow a healthy baby and can easily be adapted to a meatless diet.

My first pregnancy, I knew NOTHING about health and natural wellness and nutrition. I gained nearly 70 pounds. I lost it all plus some, but I still gained WAAAAY too much weight. With Zoe, I am unsure how much weight I gained, as I UPed the second half of my pregnancy and we do not own a scale as I care not what a number is. I probably, if I had to guess, gained about 30-35 pounds with her, which I lost most of before becoming pregnant with Sprout. I was a marathon runner then, at peak physical condition for myself, vegetarian and drank A LOT of water. Very healthy. I did not, however adhere to this diet.

I am attempting this diet this time around (BTW, a diet is how you eat, not trying to lose weight) and I am curious what it’s results will be. Does anyone have any experience they might like to share? I know of one UCer who does the Brewer’s Diet (Jenny Hatch) and she has success with it, so Jenny, if you happen to read this, please share your insights on the Brewer’s Diet!