Firstly, thanks go out to Jenny Hatch for responding to my Brewer Diet post. In my opinion, her knowledge is top notch on the subject, and I value it and am so thankful that there are other wimmin out there, like myself, who are not going to make apologies for the way she lives her life, births and nourishes her children. Kudos to you, sister in spirit!

Here is what I have eaten today and I will show the checklist on my Brewer chart to give an example of how simple this method of eating is, as well as how nourishing and filling and wonderful-even as a vegetarian!



orange juice (1 1/2 servings)

Kashi Autumn Harvest (2 servings in one bowl) cereal with non bgh organic skim milk (one serving)

Snack-apple shared with Zoe. It was green and I like salt on green apples. MMMMM


1 banana

one open faced wasa bread sandwich with vegetarian turkey, green zebra tomatos and cheese with a bit of mayo.

1 serving of cottage cheese

3 extra cheese slices

Brussels Sprouts with butter and salt

1 serving of milk

Snack-baked potato with butter, salt, pepper

water through the day and I haven’t planned dinner yet.

So I have gotten in 4 servings already of dairy.

1 protien

3 grains

2 fruits

1 potato

salt and butter

water to thirst

Do you know how simple dinner is going to be!? Plus I have gotten my folic acid and my Herbal and Multi prenatals as well as my last dose (YAAAAAAAY!!!!) of that ridiculous antibiotic that gave me the horrifying yeast infection.

Just wanted to demonstrate how simple of a plan this is to follow. I’m probably going to have an oragne this afternoon yet and just for fun a fudgcicle because it is a warm and humid day. It’s another dairy and my chocolate fix wihtout going nuts on a chocolate bar.

The important thing, and I think Jenny toughed well on this, is avoiding the refined sugars and garbage that so many people ingest daily-even pregnant wimmin. I want to second what she said also-If you haven’t been a vegetarian, and a GOOD one, before getting pregnant, don’t start now. It will not benefit you or your babe.