I love Yoga. I swear by it for physical and spiritual wellness. During pregnancy it is so beneficial in helping you to become MORE in tuned with your body and it’s changing form as well as your growing baby. keep in mind, just like anything else, if you haven’t been doing Yoga prior to becoming pregnant, you should seek the help and guidance of a Yogini or Yogi.

If you cannot afford to purchase tapes to do prenatal Yoga, there are a lot of resources on the very handy YouTube as well at your local library.

If you have been practicing Yoga already and haven’t really thought about continuing through your pregnancy, I really suggest that you do. It is even something that will help you to get back into shape after sweet babe comes. You can do Yoga with the baby too! It’s a good start to lifelong wellness. Just ask my 5 year old who loves Yoga and has her whole life!