I am Tasha-Rose. I am 27 years old, wife to Rob, who I have known since I was 13 and loved since I was 15. We have a beautiful family made up of two daughters, Grace who is 5, and Zoe who is almost 2. We are also parents to our lost Son, Rune Dustin who passed on August 21, 2007. We never got to hold him or know him, but we will forever love him and he will forever be our son.

I am a stay at home mom, but my job doesn’t stop there. I am also an avid gardener, selling what I do not save for us at the local farmer’s market, of which I am the manager. I also do some work on occasion for or in conjunction with a local not for profit which is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Another not for profit venture I am involved with is called Trust Birth. Trust Birth is after helping wimmin understand that the are inherently able to give birth without the superfulous ‘aid’ of doctors or even midwives. Trust Birth is also a homebirth advocacy group. One last not for profit that I am in process of starting is a local CSA. That is going to be done in conjunction with The first not for profit I spoke on before.

I am a doula and a lay midwife, studying to be a direct entry midwife, solely so I have the credentials to be paid by insurance companies, should I have clients whose insurance pays for their homebirth with a midwife. If I am an advocate for freebirthing, why am I a midwife, doula and studying further as a midwife, you may wonder? Well, because I realize that while some wimmin know that hospitals and the interventions they have are terribly risky and uneccessary, there are still going to be some who want and need that support of another womon, especially a womon who has given birth on both sides of the debate.

Lastly, why the ‘misspellings’ of womon and wimmin? It’s a simple reclaimation. I am not a Christian. I believe in the Goddess as water and womon are where life begin. (For the Record, I also believe in the Male God as well…we need a balance and one is not any better than the other. this is simply an explanation of the reclaimation of the words.) You cannot have life without water and you cannot have life without the womb of a womon. The translation of ‘woman’ is-from man. I don’t believe that we are from man. It’s just not a possibility in my worldview. ‘Womon’ is wombed one-she is where life comes from, the water of her womb cushions us and keeps us safe until we come to this realm of existing. without her, we don’t exist. ‘Wimmin’ is similar in thought but there really is no easier way to misspell ‘women’ ;).

Thanks for stopping by here. I will discuss a myriad of topics dealing with natural family living and natural living in general. Topics will include: homebirth, freebirth, breastfeeding (tandem and extended as well,) bedsharing, babywearing, vaccinations, sustainable living, unschooling and much more. I hope you learn something, broaden your horizons and learn to trust your body as sacred and capable instead of broken and unable. Trust your babies and the instinct of giving them breathing life. If anything, I hope that if your mind isn’t changed, it is at least softened to the notion that doctors are merely paid consultants, not the be all, end all of ultimate knowledge. Ultimately YOU are the one who knows your body best. Please educate yourself and please be respectful of those of us who chose these methods for our lives and families.

Let’s grow healthier and happier babies and mamas!