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This is it for now. I am turning the computer off for a few days.

I must get it from my grandmother. Shortly before she died she told me one of the most mortifying things a grandmother can tell her granddaughter. I had just found out I was pregnant with Zoe. I am very regular, like stop watch regular in my cycle and I had not bled yet. I knew I was pregnant. After Rob was told we called the obligatory people. My Grandmother, Lola Mae, was on that list. She told me, after her congratulations, that she always knew she was pregnant because she needed to go buy a jar of pickles. Not for the cravings, mind you, but to use as a douche for the pregnancy related yeast infections she always got.

I am now 6w and 1d and I have a yeast infection. I got it in part, I am sure, to the antibiotics I am taking for my wisdom tooth removal last week and in part to Sprout.

Here is my arsenal in fighting a vaginal yeast infection while pregnant:

Gentian Violet for topical use. Make sure you wear grungy panties and a pad, as it will stain. I use cloth pads, so I just use some of my older ones. Use a cotton swab soaked in the Gentian Violet to cover your entire vulva and the very inner part of your vagina.

Echinacea for internal immunity boosting. I use the recommended doseage three times a day in a cup of green tea sweetened with stevia. Echinacea is something one should always have in their herbal arsenal to combat most illnesses.


Probiotic Dietary Supplement such as Florajen3 which contains the cultures Acidophilus, Bifidum and Longum. Acidophilus in particular is known to aid in the prevention of and the healing from vaginal yeast infections.

I would normally be using yarrow tincture, but I have read a lot of conflicting information regarding it’s use during pregnancy. (ETA: because it is a great aid for during menses, encouraging bleeding, regulating bleeding and aiding with the discomfort og cramping. It’s one that just out of a ‘better safe than sorry’ mind set should be avoided during pregnancy IMO since it is an encourager of uterine bleeding.)

Now you don’t need to go buy pickles to douche. I think that would hurt a little, especially if you have gotten over-zealous in itching.