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Thank you everyone, for your blessings and well wishes. It’s been an incredibly difficult few days.

We had a burial last night in our Sacred Place. We named the baby Rune Dustin and I will have a complete story at some point, when I can see well enough to write. It helps me to write. it always has. Rob and I are both suffering terribly as this babe was so wanted and planned for. We have given him up to the Goddess, though and she will mother him while I can’t.

Here is a photo of our altar from last night. We all definitely felt the generations with us while we mourned and buried our sweet babe.

Rune is in the sugar jar. It’s pretty old one I found with an incomplete set from Japan. Rob is chiseling a stone with his name on it as a marker.

Thanks again for all of your blessings, here, via email, telephone calls from those who know us in real life and the few of you across the internet. They mean a lot more than you can know.

This is it for now. I am turning the computer off for a few days.

As many of you know, I am a Witch. I serve no particular pantheon as I don’t think I need to. I am basically your run of the mill, Eclectic Green Witch. I thought I would share with you the many number of Goddess figures from around the world and across traditions that are patrons of mothers, motherhood, maternity and babies.  A lot of wimmin, including myself, turn within a lot during pregnancy and especially during labor. I adore that I can call upon a myriad of deities and saints to aid me in strength, peace and endurance. Presently I have my altar dedicated to Demeter and The Blessed Virgin to guide me and give me peace and strength through my pregnancy.

Demeter- The Goddess of Harvest
Demeter is known for many things in Greek Mythology. Pertaining to motherhood, Demeter’s story can be compared to the old empty nest syndrome. The story of her daughter Persephone having to spend most of the year in the underworld with her husband, has Demeter missing her daughter so much, she creates winter. However, she is so happy at her return, she made everything bloom again.

Haumea- The Goddess of Child Birth
Polynesian goddess Haumea supposedly taught women how to give birth by pushing out their baby between their legs. Folklore says that prior to this revelation, babies were cut from the womb. Haumea is said to have given birth to many children, including Hi’iaka who created the hula dance.

There are stories that state that after her death, Haumea was reincarnated into a young woman, and mated with her children and grandchildren to create more life from her own death. Haumea is also considered a goddess of vegetation.

Renenet- The Goddess of New Babies and Soul Names
The Egyptian goddess Renenet is said to be responsible for creating the baby’s desire to feed from its mother’s breasts-so one could say she is the goddess of breast-feeding.

Perhaps more interesting, Renenet is also responsible for helping new mothers learn their baby’s soul name. The soul name is said to be the baby’s true name, which will protect it, and hold the framework to the child’s personality traits. Renenet is usually showed with a lion or serpent head, as those animals are associated with having divine powers.

Maia- The Goddess of Rebirth
Maia is the namesake for the month of May. Maia is the oldest of seven daughter from the Greek god Atlas. She is said to be responsible for making everything turn green again in the springtime. She is also known as the grandmother of magic, as her son Hermes founded it. In fact, it was like magic how Hermes was born. Zeus visited Maia in her sleep and she woke up, ready to give birth to Hermes. Hermes invented the lyre and panpipe. Known as a genius god, he was also credited to inventing medicine, letters and astrology.

Heqet- Fertility Goddess
Heqet is the Egyptian Goddess of fertility. She presided over childbirth and trained her servants to help her, as midwives. Heqet is associated with the fruitful Nile River and is often depicted with the head of a frog.

A story from Scandinavia says this goddess helped open the womb of women in labor. It is said that Sar-Akka also created the fetal flesh, and also could even predict the future of the newborn.


  • Artemis was the Greek goddess who ruled over the hunt and over women in childbirth. Her Roman name was Diana.
  • Demeter was the Greek goddess who made all things grow. Her Roman name was Ceres.
  • Gaea was the Greek goddess of the earth. Her Roman name was Terra.
  • Hera was the Greek protector of marriage and women. Her Roman name was Juno.
  • Hathor the goddess of love and mirth, protected children and pregnant women. She embodied the sky and was often depicted as a star-speckled “Celestial Cow,” or just with a cow head or cow horns.
  • Danu was the goddess of the earth. She was mother of many important gods, as well as mother of the Tuatha De Danann, a mythological race of people who had great and magical powers.
  • Ixchel was the goddess of the moon and the protector of pregnant women. She was often depicted as an old woman wearing a full skirt holding a serpent.
  • Freyja was the goddess of love and fertility. She was very beautiful and enjoyed music and song. Fairies were among her most beloved companions.
  • Frigg was the goddess of the sky, marriage, and motherhood. It was believed that she knew the fate of each person, but kept it a close secret.
  • Inanna was the goddess of love, fertility, and war. Sometimes called “Queen of the Sky,” her symbol was an eight-pointed star. Inanna was also queen of all beasts, and counted the lion as her special companion.
  • Ninhursag was the goddess of earth and mother of the gods, as well as the creator of all plant life. When she was pleased, the ground was fertile and the seasons were rich. But when she was angry, fields would be barren.


Protectors of Children – Japanese Buddhism & Shintoism
Patrons of Motherhood, Fertility, and Easy Delivery


St. Elizabeth

St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Silvia of Rome

Blessed Virgin Mary

Have more to add? I would love to have you share them! It matters not the tradition, I believe we are all on the same path, just calling it different things. Please share who you pray to or look to in your spirit to guide you, give you peace and strength.

Admittedly, some of this is a little bit of first trimester bloat, but not much of it. I guess third babies will do that.


I have a post for later about SIDS and a recent ‘news’ report that WCCO did about co-sleeping and SIDS, even though the two are not related. Remember, SIDS is UNEXPLAINED death of an infant. Babies who die while co-sleeping with parents tend to die when they get squished and/or are bed-sharing inappropriately. I am not sure what time I will get to it as Rob is helping me with a few things indoors tonight and I amnot sure how long it will take.

I have set up this extra page to focus just on the Mama-hood, pregnancy, birth, birth issues, breastfeeding, etc. that comes with being me. I’ll have a post later when I can type with both hands (nursing Zoe at the moment!)

To recap for potential new readers, I am Tasha, I am married to Rob, we have daughters Grace, 5, Zoe 21 months and are expecting a little sprout this Spring. By my cycle the EDD is March 28, 2008, but if the past rings true, I won’t give birth until many days later.

More to come…